About Us


Brief summary of the driedfresh process and the product range


Who are we?

•         driedfresh is a New Zealand technology and dried produce business that has developed and is now commercialising a unique drying technology driedfresh™. The technology has applications in segments such as bulk dried food powders, fruit and vegetable snacking, emergency rations, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, scientific research and document recovery

•         We sell/lease containerised driedfresh OVDMA dryers to growers and process operators globally and have a company owned manufacturing facility conveniently located at Waiuku, just south of Auckland, New Zealand, adjacent to the world famous Pukekohe produce food bowl.

•         Our subsidiary DryNZ limited (waiuku facility) is currently focussing on developing and marketing a 100% natural range of powdered produce in the fruit and vegetable segment for the growing natural health market eg daily smoothies and blends. DryNZ limited is open to both contract manufacturing for white/private label customers as well as our own branded offer.


What is the driedfresh™ process?

•         driedfresh is a unique oxygen free, low temperature (<40c), vacuum drying process. It is the culmination of more than 20 years of research and design by the driedfresh shareholders with valued support from leading scientists at Plant & Food NZ  (NZ Government research institute) and Scott Technology Ltd into low temperature drying methods.

•         The initial goal was to retain the health benefits of fresh food while creating a robust, shelf stable product that is also extremely palatable. The requirement for long term cool storage is eliminated and fresh produce of all grades can be dried to a quality end result, saving a vast amount of waste. It opens a realm of possibilities for products that combine the best aspects of aseptic methods such as canning (long shelf life dry storage, ambient temp distribution) with the low weight of competing freeze dried products and the healthfulness of fresh food (there is no oxidisation, loss of flavours, colours or sensitive volatiles).


What does driedfreshcompete against?

•         Nothing directly, it is unlike anything other process available, but it is analogous to freeze drying and superior to both that and thermal drying


Why is it superior to freeze drying?

•         Significantly lower cost process due to lower operating costs (electricity,  labour and maintenance), higher yields (superior retention of bulk matter, nutrients and volatiles in the drying process) and lower capital costs (less complex equipment)

•         Superior end product performance (flavour, texture, colour/appearance, rehydration, robustness and retention of essential vitamins)

•         An ability to dry high brix, crunchy snacking products (very difficult for Freeze Drying to do)

•         A dryer that is able to be transported easily if required (portable)


Why is it superior to thermal drying?

•         Thermal drying while not highly capital intensive, is very energy intensive

•         Thermal drying (using high heat), cooks out the moisture AND the goodness

•         With high Brix products it can only create leather style chewy fruit products, whereas driedfresh can produce crunchy, puffed products

•         It destroys not only the vitamins but also the colour and much of the flavour


What are Crupples?

•         The Crupples  www.crupples.co.nz  branded product is our first move into commercialisation of the technology.

•         Market demand for healthy fruit and vegetable snacks for both children and adults is booming, as evidenced by the number of players emerging in the UK, US and also Chinese markets.

•         We have developed a truly unique, free flow, 100% natural, great tasting fruit snacking product (no added colours, preservatives, sugar, sulphites).

•         We take quality diced NZ grown apples and infuse them with a combination of NZ grown and produced Apple Juice Concentrate (AJC) and Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate (BJC). The product is then placed in our dryer and slow dried at less than 40c over approximately 20-30 hours, thus allowing the finished product to retain the health properties of fresh fruit.

•         Our protocols enable us to produce both crunchy and chewy products, in a wide variety of different flavour (eg pineapple, passionfruit, lemon etc) and format (eg dices, slices, wedges, balls) combinations. We are also able to dry other fruits and vegetables such and have developed a natural crunchy 100% corn snack.

•         The product is currently selling in local specialty stores, school tuck shops and fruit & vegetable retailers with strong repeat purchase. Feedback from both retailers and their customers has been extremely encouraging. It provides an exciting, enjoyable, healthy snack for kids/teens, while at the same time enabling Mum a guilt free purchase that she also enjoys.

•         The Crupples crunch product won a gold medal in 2010 at the London Guild of Fine Food awards


If you are interested in learning more about the commercial opportunities available from our driedfreshprocess or our Crupples product range, please contact Dave Tapper dtapper@driedfresh.co.nz  or Richard Guy on +64 9 974 9101 or rguy@driedfresh.co.nz